About Us

venue369 - helping individuals, businesses and the economy to recover sustainably from the adverse effects of COVID-19

venue369 is a marketplace for safe venues, spaces and activities in Africa (https://venue369.com). It is the flagship product of 369 Ventures, Inc., a Delaware Corporation. Using venue369, we at 369 Ventures, Inc. aim to support the economic recovery process for the hospitality and tourism sector, following the COVID-19-induced economic recession which has affected countries in Africa and globally. 3, 6, & 9 are special numbers in science connoting perfection, so venue369 means your perfect venue.

venue369 aims to be the go-to-place for all venues, spaces and activities, whether you want to have a wedding party, a baby shower, a business meeting or even a suitable weekend getaway you can come to venue369 and make a reservation from any of our partner host facilities.

As we seek to address this COVID-19 disease outbreak, the intention is to provide guests with the comfort of booking COVID-free venues. By doing this, we help them to connect with their true selves and make the world available to them. We connect people with what they do, what they love doing and what they wish they were doing. We make it easy for people to explore their passions and tastes through a selection of unique venues, spaces and activities. Businesses especially in tourism and hospitality get to ramp-up services to guests at their venues & spaces, which as at now remain largely empty and underutilized.

We also establish partnerships with service provider companies and individuals for a variety of services such as Deejays, MCs, Event & Wedding planners, Caterers, Fitness trainers, Security personnel, Portable equipment and Lavatory providers, and others for Fumigation and Sterilization of the venues, etc. We certify venues once they implement all our standards and safety measures and are ready to take guest bookings. By all these, we create employment opportunities for the informal (blue-collar) workers who provide such services as well as create business opportunities for the property owners.

369 Ventures, Inc. is a nimble software start-up that has been newly formed to champion scalable technology solutions that are fit for contemporary African challenges. Co-founded by a team of three Kenyans in Nairobi (Martin, Oliver and Denis), 369 Ventures, Inc. is adopting a global outlook by designing and developing innovations and solutions that traverse borders and apply globally, riding on the power of the internet. The 369-team started as a project team, developing proof-of-concepts and minimum-viable-products for PwC and other top tier clients, and are now leveraging their learnings, market understanding and business acumen to develop world-class digital platforms.

Venue369 is a product of 369 Ventures, Inc.