Trust & Safety

The 369 Trust and Safety policy is a broad protection that addresses security, fraud, or customer service issues unique to venue369’s stakeholders’ ecosystem. In short, the 369 Trust and Safety policy is in place to protect customers, the company, and any peer-to-peer transaction or services facilitated therein.

We show you the steps we have taken to provide a safe and trustworthy environment for everyone involved. We hope that with this policy, we will be able to increase confidence in both venue owners and our guests, allowing business to flourish.

Our commitment to safety

We want you to access inspiring venues for your activities, make the most of your time, and connected to the people and places that matter most to you. That is why we are committed to safety, from the creation of new standards to the development of technology with the aim of reducing incidents. We:

  • Partner with government and its partners and agencies to ensure venues and spaces are fumigated and sanitized before you get there for your occasions.
  • Certify hosts and their venues to ensure that these quality and sterilization standards are upheld sustainably.
  • Push ahead venues and spaces that have complied with our quality standards for cleanliness so that you are sure to book the right venues for your occasions
  • Work with hosts and property owners who want to be part of the venue369 community to ensure they deploy the right actions to keep their venues COVID-free
  • Do our best to make your occasions as safe as possible even after the COVID outbreak

Our commitment to trust

We want businesses to thrive even in the worst of times. These businesses are our way to earn a living honestly and diligently. Our lives, families and society depend on them. They create employment for us and the generations to come. And they drive the future through innovation, creation and economic growth and development. So protecting our businesses is our priority business as a people. We:

  • Partner with our clients to ensure that whenever they make a booking, the payment process is seamless and efficient.
  • Ensure hosts receive the payments within the shortest time and with the most convenient method possible.
  • Ensure transparency of charges for venues, spaces and activities so that you can pay when you see value in it.
  • Work with our hosts to create discounts when business is thriving so that their success is our success.
  • Work with our clients to make offers available to them whenever we get nice deals from our hosts and venue owners.